Maintenance & Care

It's easy to care for your engineered hardwood flooring!

Simply dust, damp mop or vacuum the surface of your wood floor. After installation, clean your new hardwood floor with a hardwood floor cleaner. This treatment will set your new floor to the right condition.

Regular Maintenance

If necessary, spray wood floor cleaner on a dampened sponge mop or cloth applicator and clean with a few strokes. Waxing is NOT recommended. Just dust, mop or vacuum your wood floor as needed. Do not wet-mop, damp-mop or flood your floor with water. Set up precautions and a regular maintenance program depending on your specific traffic conditions.

Hardwood Flooring

Preventive Maintenance

» Do not clean your floor with water or cleaners that mix with water.

» Do not use furniture duster sprays.

» Gritty sand and dirt are abrasive to wood floors. Use protective mats at doorways. We recommend not walking on wood floors with shoes at all.

» Install floor protectors or unnoticeable felt pads on furniture legs.

» High heel shoes may cause indentations in wood floors. High heels worn by an average woman can exert 8,000 pounds per square inch due to the pressure exerted on a small point from the shoe.

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